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We love giving new life to second-hand clothes. By getting creative with what’s already in circulation, we can actively disengage from polluting fast fashion industries.

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Our Favorite Finds

Meet the Artists

Meet the Artists

Indigo Dyed

Made from the leaves of the indigo plant, this natural dye is one of the oldest dyes known to humankind.

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Indigo Dyed

Tote Bags

Ditch the plastic bags and switch over to the classicly perfect reusable tote.

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Tote Bags

Wearable Art

Original artwork turned into soft, comfy tees.

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Wearable Art

Lucid Muse

We are a collective of artists + creators in San Diego, California -- together we upcycle the old + create the new. Inspired by nature, we share a collective passion for working with mixed media, upcycling, & conscious creating.

We believe that everything is intrinsically connected and every decision, no matter how small, has the power to make an impact on our world. For this reason, we choose to ship all orders in compostable mailers that break down in months instead of decades or even centuries.

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Mindfully Sourced

We only use ethically sourced materials-- whether it's a responsibly manufactured 100% cotton shirt, recycled fabrics, or giving life to a great secondhand piece .

Every product purchased plants 1 tree.

We've partnered up with One Tree Planted to plant trees in the areas that need it the most. So far we've planted over 1,400 trees in the Amazon Rainforest, Australia, India, Uganda, and the Western United States.

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We're donating 5% of our sales to organizations that promote equality.

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From our Journal


Welcome to our journal, a glimpse into our wild, weird and fantastical world as well as our sustainable fashion journey.

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Compostable Packaging

We believe small changes can make a big impact. Every decision is important --  right down to the mailer.  That's why we decided to ship all of our orders in 100% compostable mailers which break down into carbon dioxide, water, and organic fertilizer in about 90-180 days.