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Giving back to the planet + the people: July

Posted by Anna Barnett on

When we first started Lucid Muse, we envisioned it being so much more than just a collective of friends and artists. There is so much going on in the world outside of ourselves and we wanted to create a platform where we could actually do something about these issues that we hear so much about. And so, Lucid Muse was born from a community of women, a collective dream shared by the nine muses that started this journey. From the late night conversations at our round dining room table to the daydreams at our day jobs, Lucid Muse has grown into something bigger than just an idea. It is a platform for exploring our creative curiosities, questioning what we know, fueling the movements we feel passionate about, and sharing our musings with you all along the way. 

We are earth lovers and we knew that when we started this business we wanted to give back to organizations that we believe in. Back in February 2020 we decided to partner up with One Tree Planted, an exciting organization that plants trees all around the world. For every item purchased from us, one tree gets planted in the areas that need it the most. Since February we have planted 1,065 trees in places like Peru, Australia, and India. This July we sold enough items to plant 242 trees and we headed to Instagram to ask where these trees should be planted - Peru, Uganda, or Australia? The winner was abundantly clear - Peru! Check out One Tree Planted's video below to see how these trees will help stop deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest.

 While our focus has historically been on achieving sustainability and supporting environmental causes, we’re learning more and more about how this is systemically tied up in race, accessibility, and environmental justice. Black Lives Matter is not a trend and we are committed to continuing the momentum of this powerful movement. In addition to planting one tree for every item sold, we will be donating 10% of our profits each month to organizations that are actively combating structural inequalities present in both our industry and society. 

This July, the organization we decided on is GRID Alternatives, a non-profit that makes renewable energy technology and job training accessible for low income communities. Free, clean electricity from the sun should be available to everyone. GRID installs the systems using a “barn raising” model that provides volunteers and trainees hands on experience which they can then use to find jobs in the growing solar industry. Since 2008, the San Diego GRID division has installed 800 free solar systems for families in need, collectively saving them more than $25 million in estimated lifetime energy costs. We look forward to contributing 10% of our profits to other great causes in the coming months! If you have any ideas of worthy causes feel free to comment or email us at We’d love to hear your suggestions!

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Digital collage created by Anna

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