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Journal prompts for exploring your authentic self + your relationship with the world

Posted by Kate Liverman on

With the growth of global capitalism we are increasingly connected to people from all around the world. The decisions we make from buying a pair of shoes to what we choose to wash our dishes with impacts real human lives, communities, and the well-being of our world.

It is our responsibility as stewards of the Earth to protect not only our environment from harmful materials and practices, but to make decisions that empower people, not constrain or bring violence upon them. 

So, in all of this, let’s reflect. Where can we find a balance between holding ourselves accountable to this responsibility and living freely with joy? I encourage you to ask and answer these questions in pursuit of your most authentic self, even if that’s someone you might not be totally comfortable with yet.

First: You! The largest changes begin with working on ourselves, what we contribute to the world, and discovering what nourishes joy in us. As we get closer to know ourselves better, we come closer to our personal truth and what will fulfill us in this lifetime. 

  1. What inspires you? What nourishes joy in you?

  2. What breaks your heart?

  3. What impact do you want to make?

  4. What do you want to contribute to the world?

    Second: Expansion & Responsibility! Now that you have reflected on your inner workings, it’s time to look at your place in the world. The goal is to develop a consciousness that is sensitive to our surroundings and how we impact them. 

    1. Who are you in the context of this world? 

    2. How do your actions affect others?

    3. Do you feel a responsibility to act on injustice? 

    4. What privilege do you have, what can you choose to not see or act upon? 

    5. How can you become more conscious of how your choices affect others?

      Third: Action! Reflect on your answers to the last two sets of questions, this is about transformative action. Fuse what you love with your responsibility to creating a freer world.

      1. How does acting out your passion impact the world? 

      2. What does this look like to you? 

      3. Has anyone done this before? What can I learn from them? 

        For Lucid Muse, this means bringing together a love for art, creativity, and community with a sense of responsibility for mindful consumption, the Earth, and those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

        Don’t sweat it if you don’t have an answer for some of the questions, this is all about stirring something within you, not solving life. Asking is the first step to answering. We are constantly evolving, don’t resist that your answers will most likely change over time. 

        Finally, don’t resist an answer you don’t like, or didn’t expect. Listen and trust your intuition. If you have a love for art, but don’t see it combining with your responsibility in the world, broaden your definition of what it means to make a difference, to have an impact, to be a conscious being. 

        Best of luck on your journey, we’re rooting for you! 

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