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Welcome to our journal, a glimpse into our wild, weird and fantastical world as well as our sustainable fashion journey. We are a group of young women who went to the same college in San Diego without crossing paths for a long time before colliding in a whirlwind of happenstance that changed our lives. We began as the Etsy shop Girls on Wheels, an ode to how our friendship blossomed through riding our rollerblades, skateboards and bikes around the beach. Our passion, however, was in our collaborative creations, our artistic endeavors and our love for mama earth. Lucid Muse was born. 

We started this brand to create clothes that spoke to us, things we could see ourselves wearing, and it’s developed beyond what we could’ve imagined in those initial ‘business meetings’ at our kitchen table. We’re learning as we go, making conscious decisions in an attempt to be as sustainable as possible and to give back to causes that are important to us. 

Our collective journey is a search for inspiration and beauty in the everyday. It’s a call to imagination and creation. It’s also a spiritual journey, an attempt at understanding the oneness and unity of all things in an effort to be our best selves and make the world a little better while we’re at it. 

Welcome to the world of Lucid Muse. 


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