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As a kid, finger-painting fed my soul. Decades later, there’s still no better feeling than to be chilling in the sunshine, covered in paint. Beyond drawing and painting, I learned to work with glass and metal in high school, making 3D stained glass and mosaic works. Since then I’ve gone on to weld, wood carve, sew, work with digital media + photography, graphic design, clay, and pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I guess one lady’s trash is another lady’s raw materials. What really excites me right now is playing with mixed media and incorporating light design- blending organic and geometric lines, neon and natural colors, and contrasting textures to form multi dimensional sculptural spectacles that spark wonder and bend light (stay tuned…). More than anything, I love to transform interior and outdoor places into ambient, imaginative, thoroughly inclusive spaces where people feel free to be silly, and ideas can manifest into something truly mystical.

Amelia is a co founder and designer for Lucid Muse. Amelia’s greatest joy in the world is helping others realize their creative potential.