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My purpose:

Since first thrifting with my mother in New York at a young age, I've acquired a taste for unique garments that take time to unearth. The energy of the search always proved rewarding once I found that hidden gem to treasure for years to come. As I grew older and moved out to California, I learned more about the environmental and social issues so inextricably linked to industries of fast-fashion. In its active disengaging from these industries, my thrifting took on a new element of personal passion.

Our collective, Lucid Muse, was created in order to combat these destructive, unsustainable systems and simultaneously foster a platform for creative and empowering ventures. I’ve come to learn that while most people agree that shopping secondhand for clothing is a worthy cause, many are discouraged by the time and energy required to move through the heaps of discarded clothing. To better serve those around me, I feel honored to offer my trained eye here in handpicking a collection appealing to both modern and old-school tastes in a fusion uniquely lucid.

My favorites:

I love the color purple, maidenhair ferns, plumeria flower blossoms, painting with watercolors, surfing on a gray day, and dancing with my friends. In my art and endeavors, I hope to inspire people to see the beauty within and without us.