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Fashion has always been my creative outlet. I remember growing up with uniforms and dress codes, but more importantly free dress days where I would show off the clothes I had carefully chosen but could rarely wear.  Today, my closet is in a constant state of downsizing. My goal is to curate the most creatively inspiring personal collection with the fewest possible clothes. The right jacket, or pants, or shoes, or hat creates a mood, but what is more important, even sacred to me, is the process of creating the outfit —  mixing pieces in unusual ways and playing with styles, colors, lengths and layers.

Lucid Muse gives me the opportunity to curate a collection beyond what I personally want in my own closet. The idea of someone finding what I’ve picked out as a precious new addition to their own wardrobe is almost more exciting than finding a new addition to my own. And in a market that is one of the top polluters worldwide, it is so important to me to be a part of the sustainable revolution.

Meredith is a buyer and stylist for Lucid Muse collective, and creative director for our next project, an arts and culture magazine. Her favorite color is orange, her favorite medium is collage, and her favorite thing she owns is her white cowboy boots.