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It is my greatest joy to share with others, so I’m thrilled to be a co-creator at Lucid Muse. I am most inspired by nature. The vast expansiveness of the desert, the excitement of stumbling across a creek in a pine-filled forest, the salty waves as they roll across your body… are just a few of my favorite things.

Since being a part of the Lucid Muse Collective, I realized my view of art & creativity has been drastically re-defined. I’ve learned art and creativity isn’t just pencils and paint. It’s playfulness, messing up, expressing yourself, and showing up to do the work. Making art is an outlet, and it can take whatever form you want.


Lately, I have been channeling my creative energy into the art and science of herbology. Basically, I want to make dank herbal remedies for you and me, because I believe plants have the power to heal us. Thank you Mother Nature :-) My hope is that these creations invoke creativity in you, and inspire you to create in whatever way you like to express yourself.

Taylor enjoys all avenues of creativity and contributes herbal remedies, jewelry, and digital designs to Lucid Muse.