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I have always believed the best way to worship nature is with your imagination, and that this, in partner with a fierce commitment to justice, is what brought lucid-muse together. This incredible collective of women has welcomed my spooky self in, and has not only embraced but so encouraged the edgy, occasionally strange, designs I bring to the table. On my pursuit of truth, I’ve reached a terribly wonderful contradiction — I want to be a writer, but am most interested in undefinable things. Sick jokes. Really though, it's great fun, and I would never be so happy if I had it all figured out. I am playful with all my ideas, perspectives, and creative outlets resulting in a broad and original set of designs brought right to your door. You’ll be hearing my voice on the blog, and get to know me through some of my designs. If I could do anything in my life, it would be to inspire something in you; and encourage you to pursue your most authentic self. Don’t let any small minds keep you down; fight for truth, kill illusions, make your partner come, and resolve your trauma damn it. You deserve to be free. Catch you on the astral plane floozy.

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